Hey there! How are you?

Oh, you want to know about me?

Since you ask …

By day I’m a developer. This should be obvious from the “social” link for Github. That’s where I keep all the code I write. But, around the time my boys turned three years old, I got the itch to make. It’s not uncommon for developers (and everyone else) to want to take a step back and do something menial, monotonous, and engaging to their core motor skills. Sitting at a desk writing code loops every day without a creative release is actually soul crushing.

My dad is an amazing maker. His garage is gigantic and contains every tool ever. He’s spent a lifetime of futzing around fixing, making, inventing, learning, and gathering the tools and skills necessary to exploit that garage. He also lives on 35 acres of rural country.

I, however, live on 14 acre of city suburb. I do not have the physical space or the financial means to accumulate anything that could hold a candle to what my dad has. Further, and this kills me, I never respected my formative years with him to learn what he knows. Being a maker will need to look different for me.

Enter cooking.

I enjoy cooking. I love cooking. Cooking is my making. It started when my boys were born and I decided to make their baby food. Since I didn’t cook for a living, I found the monotony of vegetable prep both soothing and life affirming. Mix that with some good food TV and documentaries and the fire was lit. But it wasn’t until I realized that the kitchen could be my garage and food could be my medium that it all came together. I had the equipment and I had the time (three kids and a wife need to eat–everyday it seems). I picked up a couple of books that finally started talking about how to understand cooking and not just how to make recipes.

I’m not saying I’m any good. I’m not. But it’s mine and I get to succeed and fail therein. My stove is old, stained, and an embarrassment to cooking. It always looks dirty and does not take a good picture. In fact it looks worse in pictures than it does in real life. My kitchen is long, narrow, and it’s the main corridor for foot traffic coming in and out of the house (three kids and a wife go in and out–everyday it seems). But in my kitchen, I think I finally found a place where I get to make something.

I’m a developer and so this blog is low tech because I’m in to low tech. I have an instagram account (for now). I’m not trying to be the next youtube food channel darling, I’m simply enjoying the making, and joy is only complete if it’s shared.

Wait what? You wanted to know about the site?

This site is personal. I’m going to jot down thoughts, experiments, successes, and failure in learning to cook. In the end, I’m just making something to eat.

Technically Speaking

This site is built with Hugo and is hosted in S3. I’m a big fan of the “Source Pro” line of Adobe sans, serif, and code. I coded it with Sublime Text.