Group Interaction

I’m going to try something I’ve wanted to try for a while. I’m going to try taking a step 30 years. To a time when social networking was actually social.

If we ever meet face-to-face and start talking about the state of the internet, you’ll hear me rant at length about how much I despise the large tech giants. This is particularly true in social networks where giant corporations curate interactions and censor thought and speech. So I’m taking it old school and moving to the only truly open electronic communication platform: email. It’s distributed, the standard is wide open, and to the extent that you’re not using a giant vendor for the service, it’s censor free.

The trick is that email has been given a bad reputation by spam and by it’s intimacy. Think about it, if I send you an email, it’s personal–from me, to you. It’s like a letter. It takes thought, intention, and purpose. Firstly, yes. It’s personal and direct. Secondly, it doesn’t have to be. I regularly send notes exclusive to the subject line.

The medium itself has incredible flexibility. From subject line one liners, to a large multi-draft correspondence, email can be twitter or a blog without much effort.

To that end, I’m starting a group email. You can opt-in/out at your leisure. I’m done with the “social networks” of today and am ready to actually interact.

As for rules? I typically hate codes of conduct because they’re actually designed for censorship. However, I will apply the same rules to the group as I do to my family. Be honest, be kind, and be grateful. Also since this is a food blog, I’m not going to allow topics that don’t related to food. If you want to talk about something else, there are other groups for that.

Thanks, I hope to hear from you!