Tomato Relish

So the book I’ve been into for jams and preserving has a few recipes that have been compiled from various sources. One of those recipes is called “Mrs. Dorsey Brown’s Tomato Pickles”. This recipe ends up being more of a tomato-onion relish than what we’d normally think of as a “pickle”. The brine is sweet and tangy. The recipe calls for green tomatoes, but in MN, they’re really hard to fine, so I ended up using some heirloom tomatoes.

It’s very tasty.

I’ve made two batches. The first was because the recipe’s story was very interesting. But the relish has to cure for at least two weeks, so I hadn’t tried them until this week. They were so good, I had to make another batch before tomato season ended.

In terms of making, I didn’t improvise at all. I followed the recipe to the letter for both batches. However, both times, I also canned the leftover juice. Essentially, once you can all the solids, there’s quite a bit of simmered brine left over. I plan on using some of it on a slow cooker pork butt. Again, nothing original, but the process was such that I’d love to know the original inspiration.