Canning Equipment

On the off chance you’re curious about what equipment I use for canning…

My french oven is awesome, I use it all the time for anything I can. The nice thing about it in terms of canning is that it’s very wide. When you process your produce down, you want it large and shallow. The more surface area, the quicker it will reduce.

I’m not big into gadgets, but the canning tools and the lid rack are really handy and were not very expensive. Worth the money even if you only can for one season.

The 12 quart water bath canner was absolutley the right choice. My kitchen isn’t very big and the 21 quart was gigantic. Further, all the recipes in the book I’m using are small (4-8 half pints). This canner is small enough to fit perfectly both in my kitchen and my canning production throughput.

Other than my kitchen knives, this is really the most “speciallized” set of gadgets I purchased as I ramped up my garage. I’d recommend all of them to you.