Follow the Rules

Tonight I had to pick up my car at the shop because of a fuel pump issue. This is not the theme of this post. However, it sets up the reason I’m posting.

Don’t be hasty

When I got home, I really wanted to make a from-scratch tomato sauce for some pasta. I planned on breaking the spaghetti because Sloth has an itchy gag reflex and the wife doesn’t appreciate the pasta (she likes it but wants to eat it less). So I’m already a little irritated. Mix that with getting a late start and I rushed. The recipe I followed was simple and having re-watched the video, I think it turned out correct (I did add a few leeks which I wouldn’t do again). For some reason, I had in my head something different. I wanted fireworks and I got a golf clap.

The recipe’s success/failure still isn’t the theme of this post.

I was hasty. I didn’t think through what was going on and I wasn’t concentrating. Further, I was pinning the sauce’s success on the reaction of my family, not on how close I came to my goal. That’s the rule.

I wrote my rules for a reason and they are true today as they ever were. I think, at least for me, I often assume that making (cooking) is a special place where I can play without rules and achieve great things. I constantly live in disappointment because I’m breaking my own rules. I’m going to assume that nobody actually reads this site so this post is here as a reminder to myself to follow the rules.

I know to don't be hasty and yet I was. I know not to look for my success in other people but I did anyway. The theme of this post is that if you know better, do better.