That's a mighty fine cornbread

So I’m a big Tastemade fan. I’ve learned so much from them and frankly, finding them was the final bump toward using the kitchen as my maker space. Julie tossed up this savory riff on twinkies but I don’t have a twinkie pan. However, I thought I could use the batter as a full loaf (cake?).

The recipe was simple and only a handful of ingredients. I preheated my 12” cast iron skillet in the oven, when I pulled it out I let some butter melt and coat the inside. I poured the batter in, pressed in some cheese curds, and baked. The recipe called for 12 minutes. I checked the cornbread at 12 minutes and it needed a total of 15 minutes.

It was great. You’ll see my boy(s) gave it a thumbs up.

The bread itself was generic enough that I’m confident that I could take it in any direction. I could go jalepeno and cheese, I could go plain with honey, or add some actual corn for a nice rustic feel. When I say it was “generic enough” I mean that as a significant compliment. I’ve been looking for a from-scratch cornbread recipe to keep in my back pocket off of which to riff. This one is what I’ve been looking for.