Satay redux and the new hotness for meat marinades

So this pork satay recipe is awesome. I’m a huge Jet Tila fan so I had his cookbook pre-ordered. It’s awesome. You should buy it. You should watch all his videos.

However, based on this article I’ve been playing with marinades. So I’ve been trying different seasoning mixes in greek yogurt.

Life changing.

I season the yogurt and then coat the meat (typically pork or chicken) with it. I’ve been letting this sit for up to 24 hours in the fridge. I think the reason it works so well is that yogurt is both a fat and an acid (two major components of a marinade). I want to play with it a bit more by adding some extra acid and see if that helps or hinders, but so far, this is my go-to marinade base.


These cups are the perfect size for two butterflied chicken breasts. Also, I almost always have greek yogurt on hand but only occasionally remember to buy coconut milk. In particular, last night I made the above pork satay recipe with greek yogurt instead of coconut milk. The pork came out tender, juicy, and loaded with flavor. The yogurt tends to stick to the meat better on the grill than a beer marinade. I think the only things going against greek yogurt are 1) it’s thicker and should probably marinate longer. I’ve had great results with 45 min, but it really shines when it’s overnight. 2) Greek yogurt (always plain and whole fat) does have a hint of tang as a marinade. Most of the time it compliments the meat and other times the seasoning will cover it up. That being said, I like the taste even when it’s not layered into the background.

The next time you’re trying to conjure up something to do with that supper time protein, try dropping your favorite spice mix into a cup of greek yogurt and letting your protein soak up all that yogurt goodness.

Also, tonight I’m trying out the beer marinade with greek yogurt instead of oil and beer. I’ll add my thoughts when I’m done eating.


The beer marinade seasongings worked well in the greek yogurt, but the onions did not. Overall, though, I probably wouldn’t do this exact spice mix in yogurt again. It was a worthy experiment.

Also, I did a throw away ricotta cheese experiment. BOOM. More later.