cheater shawarma

Tonight I made shawarma. It was pretty good. The lemon was a bit strong. “The juice of 1 lemon” is pretty subjective and I overestimated. It did soak for 24 hours and had certainly started to cure. It cooked up fine, tasted great, and I’ll be making it again. The spice mix came out like a really earthy curry (thanks cumin). I didn’t have the ingredients for the salad so it ended up being hummus, onion, cucumber, and pita. Solid meal, but overall it felt two-dimensional. Next time, I’ll make sure to have everything I need on hand.

I also made hummus without a recipe. This was exciting because, in the past, when I go off script it usually turns out poorly. Two things I did differently. First, I used the aquafaba. I will do this again. Second, I didn’t have any lemons so I used a splash of white wine vinegar. It worked. Next time I’ll go back to using lemons, but the fact that it worked was both surprising and encouraging.

Lastly, I made caesar dressing again. This time I tried using fish sauce instead of anchovy fillets. The irritating bit as with the hummus was my lack of lemon. So, I had to rely on white wine vinegar. I dialed up the worcestershire sauce because it’s so good. I also went for the commodity cheese. The green plastic tube, at first, didn’t look like it would work. I’ll drop it on a salad tomorrow and let you know. No lemon, cheaper cheese, and fish sauce. I’ll keep you posted.


re: the caesar dressing.

It ended up decent. The fish sauce came through as fish sauce. It’s wasn’t bad, but certainly tasted not-quite-caesar. I think in a pinch, it’d work, but if you can actually get anchovies, do so. The wildcard is that I’m not sure if having lemon juice would’ve helped. In either case, I’ll stick to the anchovies.