Peach Jam

So I’ve had a lot of fun discovering Jam (and by extension, preserving). It was largely inspired by a video series on tastemade. Kevin West taught the class on jam based entirely on his book Saving The Season. It’s a fantastic video series and the book is great. It’s particularly nice that he goes into explaining jam. I like to understand what I’m doing and really hate recipe books that just give you recipes without teaching you to understand what you’re doing.

Last night I pulled off my largest batch of jam. I went with peach, because all the people that tasted my last batch said that was their favorite. I used two 6 lbs. boxes of Colorado peaches and yielded 15 12 half pints (124 oz). I had to do 3 heats to keep the quantity being cooked within the recommended parameters. This worked out very well because the third heat got a shot of bourbon. I need to sit down and really taste it, but the quick-spoon-check told me that the bourbon cut the sweetness and balanced the syrupy mouth-feel. (Yes, I just used the word “mouth-feel” … I’m such a sellout.) I’ll update this post with my comparison. For now, overall it was a really successful batch and we’ll have plenty of peach goodness to remind us of the autumn when we’re drinking ourselves to sleep at 5pm in the darkness of February.